Monday, April 02, 2007

Group Protests Outside Pizza Place

Cincinnati news:
Protesters were outside a Hamilton Pizza Parlor because the owner's working to help track down deadbeat parents.

Members of the national group "Fathers for Justice," are picketing outside Karen's Pizza on Eaton Avenue.

This is one of three Butler County Pizza Parlors putting the County's most wanted deadbeat parents on pizza boxes.
I'm with the fathers. We don't humiliate people who can't pay their taxes or Visa bills, so why go after dads who can't pay court-ordered payments to moms?

I recommend boycotting the pizza parlors. Better yet, eat their pizza and then tell them that their bill has lower priority than other debts.


Anonymous said...

What's next, public flogging? Or perhaps drawn and quartered in the town square?

Most of these Dad's probably can't even afford to buy a pizza. I just heard about a Dad who is so debilitated by the amount of court ordered child support he is required to pay, that he is now living in his van.

Anonymous said...

When a man doesn't pay his visa bill no one suffers but the credit card company. When he doesn't pay child support to the mother of his children, the children do suffer. Stop whining, get your heads out of your rears and be responsible.

Anonymous said...

Like Angry dad said before, who says the children get the support?

In my case, it's mommy support. The courts say she can spend it anyway she wants and they will never check to see how it's spent.

why don't you go post on one of those bitter women feminist blogs instead?