Monday, April 23, 2007

Back to family court this week

My next status conference in family court is Wednesday. I sent in a one-page status conference statement a couple of weeks ago, with no proof of service. The clerk did not return it. I guess I am better off skipping the proof of service, as the clerk refused my statement the last time I submitted a proof of service.

Since then, I got the appeal decision, so my status statement doesn't mention it. One of the main objects of this conference should be to bring the mom support orders into compliance with the appellate decision. I'm not sure how that will happen, and I haven't written anything yet on how I think that ought to be done. The judge probably doesn't get reversed on appeal very often, so he may not even know what to do.

My ex-wife notified me today that she just mailed her status conference statement, and if I don't get it by Wednesday then she'll bring an extra copy to court. She will be reporting on serving subpoenas to my employers of the last ten years, and to banks and I don't know who else. She will tell the judge that she is preparing for a trial on certain financial issues. I don't really get what she is trying to prove, but I guess that I'll find out.

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