Thursday, March 01, 2007

We may be headed for a money trial

I just gave my ex-wife the list of accounts that she asked for in court last week.

Unfortunately, it won't do any good. My financial statements are not good enough for her. She wants to subpoena the financial institutions herself, and do her own accounting of all my money for the last ten years.

I don't understand her theory for thinking that I owe her money. We met with an overpriced lawyer named Chip Rose who was supposed to clarify matters, but he only muddied them. He had his own theory about how the case should have been handled, but it didn't match either the law or what the judge has done, as far as I could see.

If she continues on this path, we could spend another year fighting about money in court. It is all based on a theory that I might have deceived her, but I've actually told her the truth at all times. I don't even know what deception she might allege.

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Anonymous said...

My SO's ex-wife didn't even show up for the motion to reduce child support. Maybe she is adverse to courtrooms after her DUI and night in jail last summer.

The judge approved the motion and the hearing is March 14th. Let's see if the drunk shows up for that.