Wednesday, July 12, 2006

NY house blown up

This NY story describes a divorcing couple whose fighting got to the point of bombing their house.
In February, New York State’s chief judge, Judith S. Kaye, called on the Legislature to follow the recommendation of a matrimonial commission she had appointed that said that New York should join all the other states in adopting no-fault divorce.

The commission said that New York had put up some of the strictest barriers in the nation to divorce, by requiring one party to prove cruel and inhuman treatment, adultery, or abandonment for a year.

"Divorce takes much too long and costs much too much," Judge Kaye said in her annual address on the state of the judiciary last February. Often, lawyers admitted, some lawyers ratchet up the rhetoric in an effort to resolve cases.
Other states have so-called no-fault divorce, but they use petty and vindictive allegations to decide child custody.

This NY Post story claims that blowing up the house made it more valuable.

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