Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Illinois court rules

Illinois news:
EDWARDSVILLE - The judges of Madison and St. Clair counties are working together to implement new statewide changes in child-custody cases, including a requirement that parents go through a mediator if their cases aren't resolved within 90 days.

The new rules are the result of a statewide committee made up of judges and lawyers that was asked by the state Supreme Court to look at how to improve the way custody disputes are handled and reduce their impact on children.
I suppose that I should give them credit for trying to fix the problems. But I am not sure that this is any improvement. I got sent to a court mediator here in California, and she didn't see to know what she was doing. It did not help at all.

The new rules are supposed to make cases go faster, but it is still possible for a family court to make a custody decision, and still deny appeals on that decision for years while all the financial issues are decided.

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