Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Getting fleeced by the Dissomaster

I had to sit thru a hearing in which my wife's attorney went on a fishing expedition on how much money I was supposedly making. At one point, I had to spend about 15 minutes defending doing a favor for my mom without demanding a monetary payment! I had to answer silly questions like, "Have you ever received gifts from your mother?"

After a couple of hours of such silliness, the judge and lawyer thought they had enough data for their Dissomaster program. Dissomaster is a lame program that is used to calculate child and spousal support. To the innumerate lawyers who use it, it is just a black box.

At the end, my wife lawyer had the nerve to ask the court to order me to pay her fees. She said that she had already burned thru her $7,500 retainer! All she has done is to show up for two court appearances. At the first, the judge lectured her for botching up the paperwork. At the second, she came in completely unprepared. I guess that I should just pay up, and be happy that my wife hired an incompetent lawyer.

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