Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Divorce misconceptions persist

The NY Times got a couple of family law experts to discuss couples getting prenups for their ideas, and one says:
Women have, historically, been short-changed in divorces. A familiar pattern was that of a wife who supported her husband as he worked his way through law school or medical school by taking low-wage jobs with little opportunity, believing she was helping invest in their collective future. Once the marriage dissolved, though, the husband walked away with the fruits of their human capital.
Greenspun responds:
The law professor who makes this assertion doesn’t make any attempt to explain why most divorce lawsuits are filed by women (see the classic Brinig and Allen paper referenced in “Causes of Divorce” as well as this statistical study of a Massachusetts courthouse where 72 percent of the cases were filed by women).
Greenspun also points out that the other expert is wrong about divorce law.

Family law is not complicated, but even experts get it wrong. I do not know whether these experts are stupid, or are blinded by ideology and self-interest.

I started this blog with a belief that the family (and juvenile dependency) court system could not really be as bad as it appears. Then I believed that the system would be reformed, if only the public understood how screwed up it was. Then I thought that at least it would be useful to document my own experience, so others can be alert to the pitfalls.

I don't think that I persuaded anyone. I heard from lots of people who had their own bad experiences, and who appreciated the blog to get the bigger picture. So I am happy to leave this blog up, in case it helps anyone.

Donald Trump was elected because, in part, the public wised up to the fact that the powerful and influential elites were lying to us about trade, immigration, Islam, police work, foreign wars, and many other topics. They also lie about marriage and parental rights, but that is too sensitive for even Trump to address.

Take the red pill. Our society is destroying the family. Find out how it works before you get married or have a kid.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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