Monday, March 28, 2016

Ken Perlmmutter is worse than I thought

Some angry dads and moms have contacted me about Psychologist Ken Perlmutter, as they found my complaint against him. Apparently he has done a lot of bad child custody evaluations.

I do not want to dox him, or attack him personally, but he needs to be held accountable for his official actions. He works as a public official for the county family courts of counties surrounding San Jose California, and makes $400 per hour. He continues to do harm in his official capacity, and his court victims need to know the truth about why he does what he does.

I have known for a long time that he had a son who died, but I did not post it because it did not seem relevant to me. But now I am told that it is key to understanding his work.

Perlmutter divorced his first therapist wife, and later married a younger woman and had a son Joey with her. Joey died at age four of a treatable illness, but was not getting medical care. Neither parent was charged with neglect, but some people hold him responsible.

I am not blaming him for that. He is innocent until proven guilty, as I always say.

The problem is that Perlmutter never got over this death. He never had another child, and he is wracked with guilt over what he could have done.

He is a bitter and broken man.

$800k a year of court money buys him and his wife a rich lifestyle and fancy vacations, but it is not enough. They have no child, and they lost their precious boy. He needs to make other parents suffer the loss of a child, as he has suffered.

Whenever possible, his evaluations do not recommend joint child custody. He likes to see one parent lose all custody, and he will do whatever he can to make that happen. Somehow inflicting pain on others makes his own pathetic life more bearable.

He will manipulate the facts to force good parents to endure the loss of a child.

Perlmutter is personally more psychologically disordered than the great majority of the parents he evaluates. He is more disordered that the typical mental asylum inmate.

If all of this is even half true, then Perlmutter is a sadistic monster. He is a modern Dr. Hannibal Lecter. I estimate that he has messed up the lives of 1000 kids. He should be locked up.

Update: I found this reply to a omplaint on another blog:
I would invite any person who has any questions about my practice or ethics to phone me and personally discuss them with me.
My phone number is 650.322.5011.
Thank you.
Ken Perlmutter
Another comment says "There is a special place in hell for animals like Perlmutter."

My gripe is not so much with him personally, but with a system that grants screwballs like him enormous power over people's lives. See also this Change petition, from someone Perlmutter evaluated.


Anonymous said...

Based on what I've read about this guy, I believe your right about just how terribly he's ruined so many lives. What I can't believe is that you'd think that you could so accurately, analyze him and know so precisely his motivations. Don't you think that it's possible that he's just extremely greedy, or maybe sadistic or one of another thousand things that he might be that have nothing to do with issues realting to his lost son ? I've heard you go on about other terrible family court people and I believe that they're terrible people too but, I have a lot of trouble believing that you knew their motivations for what they'd done. A lot of people have said that the most dangerous thing you can do is think that you know what others are thinking, because you're usually wrong. You've heard that before, haven't you ?

I think that you know that he doesn't make $800,000 per year. For that to be true, he'd have to work 2000 hours per year, or 40 hours per week for 50 weeks per year, never having an open hour in his schedule of every day or every week, all year long. How could he ever have time for all of these great vacations ?

Again, I agree that he's a terrible guy that deserves to be in prison, like you suggest. It just really disturbs me that you're analyzing him, Bret Johnson and others with the same sort carelessness and guesswork that you accuse the court evaluators of using. I think that your arguments against these guys would be taken a lot more seriously if you'd just stick to the facts of what they'd done instead of trying to explain why they did these things. It's ironic to me how you can come down so hard on them for the way that they've assessed you when you go about assessing them in the same sort of fashion. When you say, If all of this is half true", etc. Well, what if it's only as true to the extent that you can prove it's true ? You can't prove one bit of what you're saying about him. It's just like how the evaluators couldn't prove one bit about what you were accused of in family court. Why come across as just like them when you're able to make a stronger case against them by not coming across just like them ? You make it sound very personal, despite saying that you don't want it to be a personal attack. You were personally attacked and what was alleged against you wasn't at all convincing. Do you think that what you've said about this guy is convincing ? It's not. At least your personal mindreading part of it isn't.

George said...

You are right that I am making inferences about the motives of court officials, and that I could be inaccurate.

I have previously posted other speculations, including greed.

If Perlmutter and the others did their jobs properly, then their conclusions would be backed up by facts and generally-accepted knowledge. But they are not. They are just opinions based on their supposed expertise, which means they are really based on their personal prejudices and motivations.

It is crazy to suggest that I should be silent about those prejudices and motivations. I have a duty to warn others about what Perlmutter is doing.

I know a lot of people who work more than 2000 hours a years, and still have time for nice vacations. When I dealt with Perlmutter, he was backlogged with highly-paid work, and could easily be working 2000 hours a year, if he wanted to.

You say that I "can't prove one bit" about Perlmutter. I did make a formal complaint to the state board about him, and I restricted myself to matters that the board could verify. So you can just read that, if you want provable complaints. On this blog, I give more informal opinions.

Anonymous said...



George said...

I try to carefully distinguish between fact and speculation. If I said something wrong about Perlmutter, I hope that someone will correct me.

I find that it is hard to convince people that someone is evil, unless I can present some plausible motive for his evil behavior. For me, it is sufficient that his behavior is evil. I am not a mindreader, but I am trying to make sense out of the situation.

roisin cassidy said...

Very interesting, some of the things in this article match what I believe I saw.

Anonymous said...

I will have to stay anonymous for now, but I am an expert who has reviewed a Perlmutter evaluation.

I believe that I saw was a lack of objectivity. It is my considered opinion that Dr. Ken B Perlmutter should not be allowed to perform evaluations and should not be allowed to practice in the state of California.

Anonymous said...

One question that should have been asked but that you seem to have glossed over...

Has there been and investigation into Ken B Perlmutter's role in his son's death?

Anonymous said...

The courts have been using people like William Ayers and Ken B Perlmutter for years. William Ayers was molesting young boys for decades, and was finally caught and convicted.

When will Perlmutter be investigated for negligence in the preventable death of his son?

Anonymous said...

Perlmutter is a vile egotistical, bombastic, megalomaniac, who is not fit nor suited for the work he undertakes on behalf of the courts. I wonder if in the very flattering picture above if he is wearing his flip flops to complete his sleazy beach bum ensemble. In addition to matching his poor choice of attire, flip flops would match his revolting personality. He recently did an evaluation on my sister which ended in her losing custody of her two young children to a father who had taken little interest in them until he decided to look for custody because he simply didn’t want to pay child support anymore. He would have also, like Perlmutter, been motivated by the pleasure he derives from inflicting pain and heart ache.

My sister has had to return home to Ireland after court costs in the USA have left her homeless and penniless and is not even granted a phone call to her young children. Her narcissistic and arrogant ex-husband knows he can get away with, for now, this because there is nothing further to be taken from her by the ring of greedy lawyers, evaluators, therapists etc. in San Mateo County. Examples are Robert J. Bruening and Kathleen McKenna of Viola Law Firm and Jennifer Ani.

This was the second evaluation that these young children were subjected to. Interestingly, on the first occasion Perlmutter recommended that my sister get custody, but when he knew there was no more money to be got he did his signature flip flop and the children have been now moved to live with a father that they barely know.

During the second evaluation he constantly put my sister under pressure by his aggressive and abusive behavior and by directing rude and insulting remarks at her. When Perlmutter’s report was written up, I was appalled at the rambling drivel that he dished up for a man that is supposed to be educated and calls himself a doctor. Misspellings, grammatical errors, punctuation inaccuracies were common place. Amazingly, he made racist remarks to my sister and insinuated that she was uneducated and ignorant. His evaluation report was also full of his usual flip flop contradictions. Several times he completely contraindicated what he stated in a previous paragraph. Therefore, I agree with George in that, for some reason, he manipulates the facts to force good parents to endure the loss of a child.

If George or anyone else who has been subjected to this creep’s evil decision making, I cannot blame them for searching for answers and trying to figure why someone in his position would inflict pain on a parent, from what I can determine, only for the pleasure that he derives from inflicting this pain.

Like George, I cannot judge him on the death of his son, but from what I hear it was because of the arrogance of this self-important know-it-all, in thinking he knew better than to get the proper medical help for the unfortunate child, that resulted in the boy’s death. This I can believe.

Perlmutter’s ambition in life is to steal money and children from unfortunate parents’ and then to flaunt his ill gotten gains in a crass and repulsive manner. If he grieves for his son, he might also spare a thought for my young nephews who cried and screamed when they were taken from their mother. I have no sympathy for him. For the crimes he has committed he should be executed, and if this were to happen I would personally travel over from Ireland and do Riverdance on his grave.

He may possess some of the characteristics of Dr. Hannibal Lecter, but not all. Perlmutter is a philistine; Lecter was an intellectual.

Anonymous said...

I have had the misfortune to be involved in a Perlmutter evaluation. The following are the reasons why Dr Ken Perlmutter’s evaluations are worthless – and unsafe.

Ken Perlmutter IS AN INTENSELY GREEDY INDIVIDUAL. This is clear from his every action and his demeanor. His evaluations are done with the singular goal of making as much money as possible.

Ken Perlmutter IS SPITEFUL. This may be as a result of his troubled past.

Ken Perlmutter LACKS ANY SEMBLANCE OF EMPATHY ... again maybe as a result of his troubled past. His evaluations are worthless as a result – even if he attempted to be honest in his remarks.

Ken Perlmutter IS ACTUALLY QUITE LIMITED as a psychologist. His evaluations are without structure and written with endless contradictions and errors.

Ken Perlmutter SUFFERS FROM A LACK OF SELF WORTH – and counteracts this with pompous behavior. He knows he is a charlatan.

But the overriding fact is that Ken Perlmutter’s evaluations are completed based on HOW MUCH MONEY HE WILL EARN.

Anonymous said...

I hope that you folks that have suffered at his hands have left the terrible reviews that he deserves all over the internet sites where you can rate and review. Please spare other parents who may be considering using him for custody evaluations or anything else. I hate hearing stories like this of how these greedy court officials make money ruining people's lives. Please do what you can to help others avoid a similar fate as your own.

Anonymous said...

How are some people missing the point so badly?

Dr. Ken B Pelrmutter may have been responsible for his own son's death. He should be investigated. Not just about his son's death, but about his ability to objectively evaluate children in general.

This is about protecting kids and this is more important shielding Dr. Ken B Perlmutter's income.

Anonymous said...

my god man, put on a shirt.

Anonymous said...

Pedophiles didn't disappear after the catholic church was found out. Children are taken from protective parents everyday, this causes a larger pool of displaced children for corrupt rings to prey on.
Judges in San Mateo county continued to send children to William Ayres even after the abused came forward. San Mateo judges helped William Ayres legal team suppress evidence. When William Ayres came up for parole, not of the victims were notified. This is an example of the deep friendships between Judges and their expert witnesses. It needs to be exposed.

Anonymous said...

Perlmutter's son is killed by neglect, and there is no investigation?

It's called corruption.

Anonymous said...

related note: Irwin Joseph no longer commissioner at family law court in Santa Clara County as of February this year. Private arbitration and some adjunct teaching at Pepperdine University. Not quite justice but at least he's out of the official legal system unlike Perlmutter et al.

Anonymous said...

As an Attorney practicing in the county, I can say that we all know how to drag out cases and make money with the likes of Perlmutter. I'm retiring soon, and honestly I never felt good about this. yeah, it's hypocrisy or a late admission. But I do plan to drop a legal bomb on Perlmutter on my way out the door. But only after I happily retired in Costa Rica.

Let's just say. Perlmutter is bent.

Anonymous said...

perlmutter sure has a thing for denying medical conditions like he did with his own son. hopefully he goes to jail before he kills more children.

the men in jail will know how to take care of child abuser like him.

Unknown said...

Great raising awareness!

Anonymous said...

Get the word out on this low life. Hopefully people will refuse to have him as an evaluator and he won't be able to harm more children.

oceaneyespainter said...

Hopefully, people will be able to opt out of using Perlmutter. This is an assumption. In my case after being bullied and harrassed for years by my ex, an extremely manipulative psychopath (and stanford MBA in marketing) Kathleen McKenna, then commissioner of san mateo superior ordered her buddy Perlmutter as a special master in my case. Kathleen McKenna is perhaps one of cruelest, pettiest and easily played family commissioners I've ever witnessed (and I'm a lawyer). She had so many public complaints against her by 2012 that she "voluntarily" left public service to go the Voila firm and make the "big bucks" screwing people out of their life savings in their divorce-custody case.
Perlmutter as special master saw first hand that my ex refused to follow any court orders but Perlmutter refused to report these violations to the court which he was ordered to do. Perlmutter ordered our 10 year old son be evaluated by his buddy Stephen Newton in Los Altos who also opined on the abuse by dad, but also refused to report the abuse to the court. When I insisted that Perlmutter was acting as an agent of the abuser/perpetrator-rather than remedy his behavior he conveniently resigned (after pocketing thousands of my hard earned money). In his resignation email he claimed ours was one of the most dysfunctional cases he had seen in years and that he could not "help" us. Perlmutter stole our family home, our life savings and is seen enjoying a cuban cigar on the beach. My concern is that if a parent and child have evidence of the other parents abusive behavior and show this to the experts, the so called experts are NOT mandated to report and there's no way to get them investigated by the board of behavioral science unless both parents agree due to the confidential nature of the evaluation/information. Its not just Perlmutter or Kathleen Mckenna. Its the entire family court system that's based on keeping the public dumb and dumber since there are no real standards of conduct (on the part of lawyers, judges and evaluators) and confidentiality and/or immunity prevents accountability and oversight for these "public" servants. Also, don't forget only rich people have money to appeal.
The public needs to be made aware of the BROKEN and corrupt system called "family court". Family lawyers who are taking custody evaluation and support/property clients without properly advising clients on how the system works and how much money they will likely lose are simply cheating their clients blind. Organizations like FVAP, a non profit in the bay area that handles family violence appeals also does NOT do enough to inform the public because they refuse to release the names of the "bad" judges and/or experts that are being repeatedly reported for abuse of discretion. These non profits that are getting tax exempt status and benefits and should be required by law to report and inform the public.

Anonymous said...

Leaving aside Dr. Ken B Perlmutter's role in his own son's death. Leaving aside his alcohol and drug abuse. Leaving aside his incompetence. Leaving all of that aside... How has he been able to get away with his pedophile attacks on young boys for over 10 years?

Answer is simple. He intimidates his victims and writes damning evaluations of any parent who complains. The children are terrified into silence and the reporting parent is discredited. All the while the courts, CPS, and police back him up.

Anonymous said...

Perlmutter. Get help.

Anonymous said...

Case number: 1991-2-FL-055569
Superior Court of California, County of Santa Clara, Family

Look into Perlmutter's own divorce. It's in the public record.

He's a real piece of work. incompetent, violent, alcoholic.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Gregory Katz is equal to this monster. He worked alongside the Director of the Napa State hospital who raped dozens of young children under his care, including his own foster children and adopted children. These court appointed psychological sickos are all alike; they lie, cheat, steal to personally profit and wreak havoc on victim's lives. Their decisions are for sale and they are protected by the corrupt court they work for. Judges rubber stamp their decisions.

Anonymous said...

I know Ken, he is reckless and is clearly disturbed. He and his current wife are no longer on speaking terms with their late sons godparents. He can't maintain friendships or relationships. Ken and Kim the second wife are currently separated. This is not the first time that they have separated.

Ken's two grown daughters from his first wife are closer to their step father. The Step father even officiator the daughters wedding. Ken is in no place to comment or advice on family or relationship matters. It is my opinion that he needs to control his drinking and his temper.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, Ken Perlmonster. This is on. You destroyed my family. Your second wife divorcing you. Hope she takes you to the cleansers. Hell won't be hot enough.

Anonymous said...

perlmutter. ugly on the inside and ugly on the outside.

Anonymous said...

Ken Perlmutter is clearly a disturbed freak, look at him, every attorney in the bay area know this. He needs to be in a straight jacket, to stop his reign of terror. San Mateo county officials love Perlmutter, he is put in place by filthy establishment Bohemian Grove sickos. It's not funny.

Anonymous said...

Just found this old story. Perlmutter just has too much power and no accountability. the laws need to be changed allow legal action against evaluators.