Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Corruption of Men's Rights

The manosphere blogs are not very influential, and they are split between several views. Feminist blogs are much bigger.

A prominent men's rights blog is A Voice for Men, where Dean Esmay writes:
So listen up, you fools in the RooshV circle: there is nothing but misery and death down the Return of Kings path. You have to be a complete idiot to follow any advice the RoK cultists give you. If Roosh or other Return of Kings writers tell you that the sky is blue, triple check it – they’re just that insane.

The Men’s Human Rights Movement has a long and strained relationship with so-called “red pill” sleazy sex gurus like Return of Kings publisher RooshV. Roosh and Return of Kings have never, ever been MRA as every honest person who’s done 5 minutes of due diligence knows. ...

So here’s the truth: Daryush “Roosh” Valizade has written for years about his past supposed adventures traveling the world to have one night stands with the psychologically dysfunctional, neurotic women he picks up in sleazy meat markets around the world. In many of his books, you find what are undeniably confessions of Roosh raping multiple women. In fact, the words “serial rapist” are not too harsh to describe Roosh, at least if his own published, public writings are to be believed. As with Roosh’s friend Matt Forney, also a confessed rapist by any sane standard, it’s often been unclear whether what they’re writing is just the poorly-written rape fantasy porn, or if it’s the real thing.
Why the vitriol?

It is true that Roosh and RoK rarely speak of men's rights. They mainly give advice and commentary on how men can become better men.

Sure, some of their articles are provocative or offensive. Eg, they give tips on avoiding undesirable or troublesome women.

But they are not rapists, and these accusations are irresponsible and libelous. Roosh and RoK only advocate consensual relationships.

The term "rape" does have an ever expanding definition, with some feminists saying that all PIV sex is rape. If so, then nearly all men are rapists.

I post this just to point out how the men's rights movement has degenerated. Men have instincts to become white knights and attack their fellow men in any conflict with women. So we have men's rights groups who are not actually pushing for men's rights.

A site titled "A Voice for Men" attacks men for being men. It does not speak for me, or any men I know.

Update: For more on the attack on Roosh V, see this Reason article or Heartiste.

Update: Here is another attack on Roosh:
I think he's such a hateful embarrassment to humanity that he's single-handedly keeping aliens from contacting us.
This is crazy stuff. Roosh runs an excellent web site.

Men are commonly hated if they are either (1) successful with women, or (2) unsuccessful with women. I think that some psychological forces are at work against anyone like him.


Anonymous said...


Please stop your name calling of almost all women you write about as Bs. Whatever the sex of your children, they will never benefit from this hateful talk--if you even see them at all. It's unclear by what is written in your posts whether you have a relationship.

You are way off on most your comments; it makes it difficult to take your seriously, thoughI think there should be more bloggers outing the horrendous and sick courts and the people that staff them. Your vitriol should be directed at the courts, not women in general. There has been at serious backlash in the courts against women in many cases too. It's not about the sex of a party, it is the money that the courts can squeeze out of a party. Typically they do so from the male because he has more financial resources.

I don't know how large your readership is but it is a a start. You could try to mobilize people and dome than provoke. how about determine how to take action and effect change? Direct your energies and anger toward mobilizing Santa Cruz, not polarizing the population. Spearhead a grand jury investigation, try to get readers to swarm assembly members offices, and paper the bad judges or request transfers out of the county. Cover the corruption of the CA Chief justice and harness the angry everyone has toward family court to do something useful. Women and men can all agree that the family court is sick. Frankly it should be abolished; maybe you have some insight about how to communicate the horrors that over 50% of Americans potentially face by divorcing.

George said...

I was not name-calling women. This post was criticizing men. What are you talking about?