Friday, July 24, 2015

Abandoning this blog

I announced in January:
I started this blog just to vent, and maintained it for 2 reasons: (1) to publicly defend myself against false accusations in public court, and (2) to protest the family court and support a movement to reform it.

I no longer think that the system can be reformed.
I continued to post news and commentary about modern social destruction, but I stopped the details about my personal saga. I hope the previous details were helpful to people. I will leave it all online, in case anyone else might be helped.

But the stories of what's wrong with the family court, divorce law, legal and social trends, etc. has been told many times. Some tell it better than I do. If the available info does not convince you that we are doomed, then additional posts from me won't either.

Even people who witness the horrors first hand often do not grasp the extent of the evils.

So I am abandoning this blog, taking the red pill, and going my own way. "I don't expect you to agree. I don't even expect you to understand."

I will post some sort of brief update on my personal situation. It will clarify my attitude.

Good luck to everyone.


izzet said...

This blog is full of wisdom. Do you have a twitter?

Anonymous said...

can't say I've agreed with some of what you've posted but you've done a great service, very "red pill" to use your terminology.

FWIW my long time post marriage girl friend also agrees with many of the observations here.

Good luck and post when you can.

Anonymous said...

I think that people are just curious to know what sort of relationship you ended up with with your daughters. Why don't you just explain how things turned out for you after all that you went through ?

George said...

You're right. I should post something.

Anonymous said...

I can tell you mine in a nutshell, similar situation to George's, in same county with same players. After 3 years of restraining orders then complete blockage by the mother after that for several more my kids will not communicate with me after finding them on Facebook when they turned 18. Stockholm Syndrome and Parental Alienation Syndrome do indeed exist regardless of the psychiatric/psychology-industrial complex's denial. Doesn't fit their socio-political agenda.

Count me in as another "red pill" and "going my own way" member. Have to move on in life and hope someday they see the light and reconnect. But in the meantime....

Anonymous said...

I'm very sorry for you and understand all too well. I had the same players, and a very similar story, except that I can't find mine on facebook. I'm sure that her mother doesn't want me to be able to even be able to try to connect with my adult child now and our child adheres to mommy's every desire.

My ex did it all for money. Now, just a few years later, after my ex cut our child off from my mother as well, my child will not have her college paid for and not receive a large inheritance in the near future, which I'm almost sure my ex would have been able to easily extract a large portion of from our daughter. I don't get it. Mommy wanted money more than anything else, and very well knew that all she had to do was have our child send granny a few birthday cards and a weekend afternoon with her granddaughter once or twice a year. Mommy needed money and was even receiving financial support from granny when she cut granny out of our child's life. My child always really enjoyed time with granny too and would have continued to if not for mommy's P.A.S. aimed against me and granny.

Can anyone help me understand this ? Does control and or spite trump greed ? Am I better off not trying to understand it ? Does understanding this sort of thing help us any ?

Again, I'm very sorry for what happened with you and your kids.

George said...

You cannot understand women with that sort of rational analysis. They do not think like men. She can develop an emotional response to you that overrides everything else.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Thanks. You're probably right. I lost my only child and probably forever. I want there to be a reason. Maybe I'm irrational too because understanding why won't help me do anything to change it.