Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Finding an evaluator

I am still looking for a psychologist to do a court-ordered evaluation. My ex-wife and I talked to one this morning. She suggested that he look at this blog.

On this blog, I express my personal views and opinions on the family court system, as explained here. Sometimes I comment on cases in the news around the world, and sometimes I comment on my own case.

This case is very personal to me, of course, but I try not to post private info. If my ex-wife and I have some private dispute, I don't say anything about it unless she decides to make it public by making a public complaint to the family court. Once she publicly badmouths me in open court, I feel that it is appropriate to defend myself publicly. I do not launch counterattacks on her, but I do criticize the court for pandering to her petty gripes.

So I am not going to report on our telephone conversation, except as it pertains to our public court case. My ex-wife did drop one legal bombshell in the conversation. She said that she was refusing to proceed with our court-ordered evaluation until after our July 30 court hearing, because she expects to get an order at that time restricting what documents the evaluator can review. A couple of the documents are extremely prejudicial, she said.

The trouble with this is that she does not have any such motion for July 30. This evaluation was ordered a year and a half ago, and she has had plenty of time to make a motion to restrict the scope of the evaluation, if that is what she wanted. Perhaps she suddenly decided that the papers make her look bad somehow, but why would she think that the Commissioner would somehow rescue her on July 30?

The order pretty plainly says that the "evaluator shall have access to any and all reports". I think that it is pretty unlikely that the Commissioner would reverse himself on this point, unless my ex-wife somehow knows something that I don't know. But regardless, it appears that she will not do the court-ordered evaluation until at least August.

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