Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cmr. Joseph booted out of family court

I just heard that Commissioner Irwin Joseph has been booted out of the Santa Cruz family court, and is being replaced with Judge John Salazar. Usually these assignments are made at the beginning of the calendar year, and stay the same for the whole year. No public explanation has been give yet, as far as I know. I will try to post more when I find out.

On the official Santa Cruz court web site, this pdf page lists Irwin H. Joseph as being assigned to Watsonville Family Law until June 30, 2009, but this pdf page, which you can find from here, lists him as being currently assigned to the juvenile delinquency court in Felton.

Cmr. Joseph also failed to show up to the last meeting of the Elkins Family Law Task Force. He had been a member, but maybe has been booted off that as well. I don't know.


Anonymous said...

I would not be with my kid today if Joseph was there last Friday.I am overjoyed! It has been four months.

Anonymous said...

I heard that many of the issues of delays and other ridiculous setback that were causing attorneys wallets to fatten under Junk`s rule, were going to be looked at by the state bar.