Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Little kids sometimes like to sleep with parents

Someone just told me a theory for how Commissioner Irwin H. Joseph rules in family court. The theory is that Comm. Joseph really has a sick and perverted mind.

In my case, Comm. Joseph conceded that there is no accusation of sexual abuse, and yet in his decision to take my kids away, he cited a 2004 Bret Johnson report that said this about my kids who were then aged 7 and 5:
They sometimes go to bed and sleep with Father or wake up and it is fun to come to sleep with him.
Comm. Joseph did not explain what he thought was wrong with this. If he
really thought that it was a legitimate issue for some reason, he could have asked me about when I was on the witness stand. He did not. No one else made an issue out of it. Even that 2004 report did not say that there was anything bad or unusual about it.

I do think that Comm. Joseph has a sick, twisted, and perverted mind. I cannot see any other explanation for using such an innocuous statement to support such a radical custody change. He is the kind of person who should never have any say about what happens to children. If there were any justice, he would be fired for the child abuse that he regularly commits in his courtroom.


Anonymous said...

Have you considered CCP 170 judicial disqualification?


George said...

No. I do not know how to disqualify a judge.