Thursday, November 29, 2007

TV show pushes for anti-spanking law

I just watched the FoxNews O'Reilly Factor, and the guest was Teresa Whitehurst PhD who was pushing for a law in Mass. against parental spanking.
O'Reilly: The state has no right to tell an American parent how to raise their child. You already have laws in the Commonwealth, all right, that ff child is abused in any way -- bruises, even emotional abuse -- there is a mechanism to charge the parents with abuse. That is already on the books.

Whitehurst: I've been thru that. It doesn't work. It does not work.

O'Reilly: And this is going to work?!
Whitehurst went on to argue that she knew of cases where 5-year-old kids were hospitalized from being beaten with stick, and the authorities could not intervene because of the diameter of the stick.

I am thinking about calling Bill O'Reilly, and showing him that CPS and the court already have the power to intervene based on the flimsiest of abuse charges.

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