Saturday, June 23, 2007

No refund on paternity fraud payments

California news:
A man who made child support payments based on a paternity judgment later proven erroneous was not entitled to reimbursement, this district’s Court of Appeal ruled yesterday.

Affirming an order by Los Angeles Superior Court Referee Dennis Carroll, Div. Eight held that Taron Grant James could not get back the money he paid to the Los Angeles County Child Support Services Department pursuant to a factually mistaken paternity finding.

James was named as father on the birth certificate of a child born to Tami Burton in 1992. The two had had a brief relationship before James, a member of the U.S. Navy, was deployed to serve in the Gulf War.
Calling it a "factually mistaken paternity finding" is an understatement. James was a victim of deliberate paternity fraud by the mom and the LA welfare agency. They knew that James was not the father, and made him pay anyway. James disputed paternity at every opportunity. He battled the case for 15 years, and still cannot get his money back. The mom should be in jail, and so should the LA welfare officials.

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