Monday, December 25, 2006

TV's Judge Judy

I just tuned in TV's Judge Judy Sheindlin ranting on CNN Larry King Live against people dress improperly to court:
If for instance this was a custody case in the family court and someone came in saying "screw the justice system" on their t-shirt -- would that give me some indication that this is not a person I would entrust children with? Absolutely.
Be sure and suck up to her if you appear in her court. I do think that there are people in the family court system who are truly evil, and not deserving of any respect. I had a judge (Kelsay) who even admitted that he made a mess out of every child custody trial he had. He seemed determined to continue to make messes out of every case.


Anonymous said...

Guess who "Liar Extraodinaire" Genia Shockome's 2nd attorney in Family court was?(she went through 5 of them).

Judge Judy's son, Adam Levy.

He was Genia's attorney when she lost custody of her children in 2003. I'll bet he regret's the day he ever agreed to represent her.

Small world. Talk about 6 degrees of separation.

Anonymous said...

Oops. Adam Levy was actually her 3rd attorney.

Check out the garbage being disseminated by her 4th attorney Barry Goldstein. Click on the link below.

I wouldn't have believed that a male could be such a man hater, but here he is:

Anonymous said...

judge judy is an ex judge with a crappy show. she is a man hating feminist. i saw her show today. an ex wife was suing a man and she never gave the man a chance to say anything she just yelled at him