Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A reader starts his own site

A reader has start his own angry dad site at He says a regular blog like me is coming soon. Best of luck. The more voices the better.


Anonymous said...

Setting the Record Straight
There is another blogger online, "," and an associated web site at "" that is trying to dupe the readers. The author is fabricating and maliciously exaggerating information about his ex-wife and others. In addition, he is not allowing commentary that disagrees with his point of view. We will set the record straight on the "ex-wife" shortly but for now know the following information about the author at these "givebackmyson" sites. Please check public records for verification: for example, court records in Santa Barbara County and San Francisco County, etc.

1) He wasn't able to graduate from high school.
2) It took him close to 20 years to graduate from college--which begs the question how did he get into college without graduating from high school in early 1970's?
3) He has held jobs in the oil and health and safety fields, but left under dubious circumstances much of the time, being fired or asked to resign. Can't he get along with others? Why such a pronounced pattern?
4) Several restraining orders from several different people including co-workers.
5) Terrasof warning (danger to self and others) issued and building cleared.
6) Abandoned family (ex-wife) and their child.
7) Physically and emotionally abused his ex-wife.
8) One of his favorite sayings is "Hitler had the right idea he just chose the wrong people."
9) Another favorite saying is "I wouldn't want to be part of any group that would want to have me as a member." Does that apply to his current cause on family courts and children of divorce?
10) 7 attorneys or so have represented him at different times throughout his ongoing divorce and custody dispute (5+/- years) and he is suing several of them. His suits seem to be going badly as reflected in the Santa Barbara County records.

Much more factual information to come, but this is all for now. You get the picture...he doesn't seem to be able to get along with others at work, home, or in other areas of his personal and professional life. His sister even classified him as a borderline personality disorder--last I heard he doesn't talk to her any more.

What is this guy after with his web sites? He says it is to change the family court system and help children of divorce, according to the givebackmyson sites. But if that is the case, why is he constantly slamming his ex-wife instead of working with her to more effectively raise their biological child? Why does he try to alienate his son from his ex-wife? Why is he spending all of his money on courtroom battles and ruining a good man's (custody evaluator) reputation? Is he in it for the money he hopes to get from a book he would like to publish? Is he in it to beat his ex-wife? Or is he simply deranged and can't help himself. You read his sites information, look at the records, and then decide.

The Truth Will Be Known!!!

Anonymous said...

To be fair, I believe that all have a right to their opinion based on the facts. I simply wish you readers and others in the "angry dad" movement would read with a critical mind what the auther has to say. It makes no logical sense and he presents no viable alternatives. Conversely, he seems hell bent on bad mouthing anyone that doesn't agree with him. He is so angry that he isn't King! What a shame he doesn't put the same energy and money into better raising his child.