Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Stanford professor convicted, child custody still pending

A fellow angry dad has an update on the strange case of the Stanford prof charged with parent abduction:
As of yesterday, Prof. Annelise Barron is a convicted felon. Apparently her plea was accepted and she was sentenced to time served because she's out of Elmwood jail and back on the street. A court trial regarding child custody is scheduled in two weeks.
Not sure, but he is probably the same reader who posted some more details in a comment a couple of months ago.

I don't know what to make of this story, except to conclude that an otherwise smart and respected mom can go nuts with paranoid delusions and possessiveness. Our society is very deferential to a crazy mom who is arguably acting out on maternal instincts, but there are some limits to which she can take the law into her own hands.


Anonymous said...

According to a commenter on our previous post:
"From the court website, it looks like the dissolution took from 2008 to 2013. Both children have lawyers in addition to the parents' lawyers."

And how much are all these layers being paid? That's the real story here: a completely corrupt and dysfunctional legal system making victims of families.

Anonymous said...

The scheduled trial was vacated by the court and now a status conference is scheduled for February. Even others in the family law community are amazed at four independent lawyers on a single case. The Stanford professor parents are like milk cows and the lawyers are pigs at trough. No wonder they call Stanford "The Farm" just like Elmwood jail.